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What is Correct Sitting Posture?

Let's face it, our bodies were not designed to sit all day, yet most of us are guilty of prolonged sitting. While more studies confirm the negative side effects of poor posture, the good news is that adopting a good posture can help maintain proper body mechanics, soft tissue injury or body misalignment.

Why is this important?

Adopting correct sitting posture can not only save you from developing those "knots" in the shoulder muscles and stiff back, it can also prevent any curvature of the neck and lower spine. If improper body mechanics is adopted through a persons working career, they are at risk of developing chronic muscular tension, injury, pain and suffering. When the back begins to cave in on itself, the lower back takes the full force of the strain. One of the biggest issues we want to avoid is disc bulge. This can become a chronic problem when muscles around the area of the spine begin to lock up and seize to prevent further damage.  

What is Good Posture?

Good sitting and standing posture allows the right amount of pressure on your muscles and ligaments when sitting for long periods of time. When the correct tension and biomechanics are applied to the body, you will feel supported, aligned and balanced.

Benefits of Correct Posture

  • increase in metabolism
  • overall feeling balanced and aligned
  • increase in mobility and flexibility
  • proper body alignment
  • increase blood flow 
  • reduced brain fog

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