Calm, Connected & Mindful

Passionate about creating mindful and compassionate leaders by driving forward POSITIVE thinking and change. 

Sheb Giner, an inspiring, high energy Motivational Speaker, Therapist who shares powerful coping strategies from her 15+ years in Clinical practice and her on-going commitment towards personal growth. Her mission is to teach people globally how to break free from pain and suffering and use calm to boost resilience, joy and clarity.

If you are looking for ways to empower and inspire your team or perhaps to help set the tone at your place of work, conference or next workshop, look no further. Sheb is a professional speaker who enjoys sharing her well researched knowledge and experience with her audience. 

Sheb aims to deliver high quality, tailor made speaking presentations that aim to integrate specific knowledge to the theme. Sheb invites her audience to engage intellectually whilst also diving deep into the creative part of their mind. 

"I invite people to explore and dive deep into their wonderful inner world to help elicit change for the greater good."

Keynote Speaker Topics include:

  • Mindful moments - creating inner peace at an instant
  • Finding resilience in a time of chaos
  • Positive psychology and breakthroughs in a time of change
  • Crossing the finishing line - 5 steps to success
  • Building engagement in team culture and wellness
  • Is it worry, stress or anxiety? - Coping strategies towards mental wellness
  • Body posture, how to embrace your new superpower
  • Building unshakable confidence from the inside out
  • Laser sharp focus - how to ignite your entrepreneurial fire
  • Flex your resilience and extend your rigidity
  • Shifting your perspective - resolutions that last

Credentials & Experience

  • Regular International Toastmaster member since June 2019
  • Awarded Newcastle Toastmaster of the Year 2020
  • Oasis on Broadbeach Toastmasters speech contest 2021:
    2nd place in Table Topics
    3rd place in International Speech 
  • Newcastle Toastmasters speech contest 2019:
    1st place club level in Table Topics
    1st place area level in Table Topics
    1st place district level in Table Topics
  • Newcastle University motivational speaking for university students 2018
  • Callaghan College Jesmond Campus - Motivational workshop presentation on Mindfulness 2019
  • R U OK Day - Managing people in a time of chaos - Presenting for Patrese People Recruitment 2021
  • Regular speaker at Wellbeing events 

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Meet CEO and Founder 


"Hello and Welcome, my name is Sheb Giner, founder of MindHealth Services, I help business owners and leaders, like you, to create positive workplace culture where employees are more productive, more engaged and boost sustainable mental health resulting is great business success.

Whether you are looking to develop yourself as a leader, build team collaboration and unity, or grow your business, we are here to help you achieve improve employee mental health and wellbeing.

I trust this is the beginning of us getting to know one another and I look forward to helping your organisation stress less create more success."

Sheb Giner has extensive knowledge following a 15 year career in clinical practice as an accredited Exercise Scientist, Soft Tissue Therapist and 5 years in corporate working in a multidisciplinary environment within the NSW and QLD WorkCover sector.

During her journey, Sheb discovered that in order for individuals to create a positive change towards their health and wellbeing, they must first work on modifying their thoughts and behaviours.

Today, Sheb serves to work with organisations and individuals that are ready to implement a diverse way of thinking by bridging the gap between knowing and doing. Having a mindful approach to everyday life means greater results and overall feeling better and confident. 

"I am on a mission to help people gain inner strength and resilience by bringing awareness to their untapped inner potential"