How many of you are struggling to balance your professional goals with family, work, health and

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What We Solve

Burn Out

Having stressed and burned-out leaders is not good for the person or the business. Learn the tools to develop a laser focused approach towards
clarity and calm

Injury Prevention 

Save on insurance premiums and increase on ROI by improving the health of staff as a way of preventing chronic stress, absenteeism and physical and
mental injury.

Elevated Stress

Today's overwhelmingly distracted and busy lifestyle has a negative effect on physical and mental health. A good wellbeing program not only boost organisational health, but also reduce stress levels.

What Results Should You Expect?

Laser focus clarity

Helping you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow 

diamond like resilience

To prepare you for any future high pressures, adversity and uncertainty so that you can create breakthroughs stepping into the future as a strong leader

On demand access to calm state

To help you spend your entire workday in a focused attention state without the interruptions and external noise to distract you

remove self-sabotage, overwhelm and inner conflict

To ensure that you can be fully present with your family, work colleagues and those who matter to you the most 

Services Offered 


Do you find yourself or team feel unmotivated or experience brain fog? Or perhaps you are looking for fun and interactive ways to nourish the mind of busy people, enhance emotional intelligence, greater focus, create a sense of calm and clarity?


Promote less stress and more success by improving your employee's mental well-being. Whether you're looking to facilitate a team training day or an uplifting and empowering workshop, Engage  Workshop will leave you and your team feeling inspired and motivated toward creating inner calm and increased productivity.

Sheb Giner - MindHealth Services


We all know that you can not create new results with the same level of thinking that created them. We certainly won’t be able to change our lives significantly in any significant way unless you begin to tap into a greater level of self knowing. Programs design based on neuroscience specifically for entrepreneurs and leaders struggling with self sabotage, self-image and uncertainty. 


Sheb is a professional speaker who enjoys sharing her well researched knowledge and experience with her audience. Sheb has a proven track record of speaking experience with high quality, tailor made topics ready to be delivered at your next conference, workshop or work event. 


Contact us for a free demonstration and information on how we can amplify your companies success by providing evidence based intervention to kick start your employee mental and physical wellness.


Sheb and I collaborated to present a successful Webinar on "How To Manage In A Time Of Chaos". Sheb was excellent. Her background in the corporate world, coupled with her knowledge and expertise in wellness and managing stress, make her the perfect person to bring peace and calm to both the workplace and individuals.
If your business needs guidance on how to manage burnout/stress in the workplace - I would highly recommend Sheb.

Kelly Charity  
Recruitment Specialist  
Patrese People

I've had the pleasure of working with Sheb as my mindset coach and highly recommend her genuine approach. Thank you for your commitment and sincerity in changing lives and supporting me on my best journey. Grateful for your impeccable service.

Tracey Leggett, MBA
Business Professional

Thank you so much Sheb for our 2 sessions for team members to help with mindfulness, productivity and coping strategies during stressful times. So so happy with both sessions and cannot recommend Sheb highly enough. Thank you so much :)

Anita Marshall
Mortgage Broker  
Advanced Finance Solutions

James Ballantyne
Ballantyne Law

Reine Clemow
Acquira Wealth Partners


MindHealth Services aim to empower and inspire high-performance teams and individuals to develop a laser-focused approach toward better mental well-being and creating greater results. 

MindHealth Services and its programs, help business owners and leaders, like you, create a positive workplace culture where employees are more productive, more engaged and mentally healthy.

Whether you are looking to develop yourself as a leader, learn valuable tools on how to strengthen your emotional muscle, or build team collaboration we are here to help you improve long-term sustainable change and results.

"I am passionate about providing useful and powerful coping strategies to individuals working in high-pressure environments that allow people to break free from their limiting beliefs and step into a deeper knowing of who they are and what they can achieve when they get out of their own way!"

-Sheb Giner
Founder and CEO of MindHealth Services

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